3E00 Initial Contact with the Contractor and Scheduling

The CO should notify the senior official at the contractor’s establishment by telephone of the scheduled review. The telephone contact will include a discussion of where the review will take place, set a date for the review to begin, indicate the need for an on-site work area and confirm the location and availability of books and records that contain relevant information on the contractor’s aggregate workforce in the covered area.

The CO must provide the contractor with written confirmation of the date and time of the review at least three business days prior to the on-site unless there are exigent circumstances. The letter is sent certified mail, return receipt requested, to the senior official at the contractor’s establishment with a copy to the CEO at the corporate address.192 Mailing to both addresses is required unless the establishment and corporate offices are the same. The notification includes an enclosure that specifies items that the contractor is to make available for inspection and copying during the review.

192. Letter L-9 – Construction Compliance Evaluation Notice and Enclosure.