Supporting States and Territories in Their Unemployment Insurance Modernization Journeys

The U.S. Department of Labor is working with states, territories, and the public to develop strategies to continuously improve the nation’s unemployment insurance (UI) systems.

This site highlights how the Department of Labor is empowering states to better serve people as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Special Reports & Updates

U.S. Department of Labor and New Jersey Highlight the Successful Partnership to Streamline the Delivery of Unemployment Insurance

During a virtual press conference held on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, U.S. Department of Labor (the Department) Acting Secretary Julie Su and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy spoke to press and stakeholders from across the unemployment insurance (UI) ecosystem to highlight the successful launch and pilot of New Jersey’s new unemployment insurance application system. Read more

Open UI Initiative Webinar Brings Together Leaders Across the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Community to Discuss the Future of UI Modernization 

The Open Unemployment Insurance Initiative (Open UI Initiative) Webinar, held on Thursday, February 22,2024, covered the Open UI Initiative which aims to support the modernization of UI systems across the nation by fostering an ecosystem of open and modular solutions for more flexible and resilient IT systems. Watch the recording

Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su Leads Panel Discussing Connecticut’s Dedication to Modernizing and Stabilizing their Unemployment Insurance Program

The discussion highlighted the monumental efforts underway to modernize Connecticut’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and bolster funding of the state’s UI benefits against future crises, while emphasizing collaboration and innovation as essential parts of the ongoing UI transformation journey. Read more

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Adjudicator Assistance (AIAA)

As part of a research initiative exploring ways to streamline work for adjudicators, the Department of Labor is conducting a prototyping initiative to help UI programs and policy makers better understand the risks and benefits of AI in the context of their work. Read more

DOL Announces the Open UI Initiative

The new initiative will enable modular system development and software reuse across the unemployment insurance system, with a focus on how modern technology and digital practices can make state systems more accessible, resilient, and secure. Read more

Insights and Successes: American Rescue Plan Act Investments in Unemployment Insurance Modernization

This report details the use of the historic investment of $1 billion in funding from  the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to the Department of Labor and state unemployment (UI) agencies to modernize state UI programs. Read more

Get started with your claim status project today! If you communicate statuses to claimants, view our claim status playbook and model prototype. This playbook provides guidance on how to get started, practical strategies, and access to the prototype source code.

Resources & Promising Practices

  • Customer Experience

    Resources and best practices for your state to use as you work to improve your CX

  • New Tech & Automation

    Research-backed automation that reduces the burdens on claimants and UI staff, creating a brighter future for UI programs across the country

  • Plain Language

    Content that helps claimants better understand the complexities of the UI system and more easily access benefits 

See Code for an Entire Sample UI Application

This open-source sample code was developed as a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, New Jersey (initial claims intake), and Arkansas (integration with The sample includes code for the full claim form, online identity verification through, and scaffolding for retrieving the 1099-G and for showing claim status, and it exemplifies equitable customer experience, accessible design, and technology best practices.


About ARPA and the Claimant Experience Pilot

All of the work shown on this site to date came from the Claimant Experience Pilot engagement between U.S. Department of Labor, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services funded through ARPA. Learn more about ARPA and the funding it provides to states.

Get Tiger team updates The Tiger Teams work with states to provide customized recommendations on improving the claimant-facing UI experience. Find out more about the Tiger Teams' past work and their upcoming priorities. Learn more

Modernization In Action

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