Examples from states and territories in their unemployment insurance modernization journeys

The U.S. Department of Labor is working with states, territories, and the public to develop strategies to continuously improve the nation’s unemployment insurance (UI) systems

This site highlights how the Department of Labor is empowering states to better serve people as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

ARPA provided $2 billion to the Department of Labor for Unemployment Insurance Modernization with 3 specific goals: to detect and prevent fraud, ensure timely payment of benefits, and promote equitable access. By providing targeted grants to states & territories, better guidance and direct assistance, and piloting technological solutions, DOL will build trust and resilience in the nation’s UI systems through common tools and approaches which states choose to adopt.

We’ll continue to add examples over time and welcome your feedback on this site.

Get started with your claim status project today! If you communicate statuses to claimants, view our claim status playbook and model prototype. This playbook provides guidance on how to get started, practical strategies, and access to the prototype source code.


  • Prevent fraud

    Fraud prevention is central to maintaining the integrity of UI systems. Here, learn more about ARPA's fraud-fighting efforts.

    Prevent fraud

  • Adopt promising practices

    Our team uses promising practices for technology and design, and we've documented the work we've done to date. Here, learn more about practices your state could consider as you continue to improve your UI experience.

  • Use plain language

    Plain language is central to a good UI experience -- for states, claimants, and employers. Our team has developed a suite of resources you can draw on to craft clearer UI communications.

  • Get grant updates

    Navigator and Equity grant funding helps states make their UI systems more equitable, accessible, and fraud resistant. Here, learn more about these programs and the work states have completed with the help of grant funding.

  • Get Tiger Team updates

    The Tiger Teams work with states to provide customized recommendations on improving the claimant-facing UI experience. Find out more about the Tiger Teams' past work and their upcoming priorities.

See code for an entire sample UI application

This open-source sample code was developed as a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, New Jersey (initial claims intake), and Arkansas (integration with login.gov). The sample includes code for the full claim form, online identity verification through login.gov, and scaffolding for retrieving the 1099-G and for showing claim status, and it exemplifies equitable customer experience, accessible design, and technology best practices.


About ARPA and the Claimant Experience Pilot

All of the work shown on this site to date came from the Claimant Experience Pilot engagement between U.S. Department of Labor, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services funded through ARPA. Learn more about ARPA and the funding it provides to states.

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