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Customer Experience

Effective Customer Experience (CX) in the digital unemployment insurance context is about much more than providing claimants with an enjoyable experience – often, it can make the difference between a claimant being able to successfully complete an application or not. In short, good CX can result in well-informed claimants, a higher number of accurate and complete filings, increased claimant trust in UI programs, and reduced administrative burden for states. 

We’ve gathered the following resources and best practices for your state to use as you work to improve your CX. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you. And if you have recommendations for future resources, please let us know.

Featured Articles

  • Content-Focused Workshops: An Opportunity for Self Study

    As part of the continued support for states in their customer experience and plain language work, we've created study resources that answer state teams' frequently asked questions and help sharpen plain-language skills.

  • Track Key CX Metrics

    Learn about key metrics around task completion and ease of use for UI claimants' experience of initial applications and weekly certifications.

  • Improving Online Applications with CX Principles

    We’re using design best practices and our CX principles to address pain points in the UI process for both claimants and state staff with an evidence-based approach.


Incorporate Customer Experience (CX) Principles

Learn how to use CX principles to create a more usable and accessible UI system. This will help more claimants submit complete, accurate applications and will reduce administrative burden for your staff.

Communicate Status to Claimants

Proactively and accurately answering claimant questions about the status of their payments is key to managing your claimant satisfaction and contact center volume. This playbook will help you to get started, assess and plan, and implement your claims status project.

Improving Mobile Usability for Claimants

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has compiled best practices states can implement to address common challenges related to mobile usability. Your state UI agency can use this resource to inform and support iterative improvements to the claimant experience as well as entire redesigns of UI application and site. 

View Sample UI Application Code

As a part of the Claimant Experience Pilot, we collaboratively developed code for a sample UI application from the ground up that has all of the modern best practices baked in. For others who might also want to explore the sample in its entirety, we have made the Claimant Experience Pilot application code completely open source.