"What is the status of my payment?"

Most of the inquiries and calls that state workforce agencies receive from claimants are about the status of their payments. Proactively and accurately answering these questions is key to managing your claimant satisfaction and contact center volume.

This playbook is for state workforce agencies looking to improve how to communicate statuses to claimants. Inside you will find:

  • Recommendations for holistically approaching a claims status project, centered on goals that improve the experience of claimants and internal operations processes.
  • Examples of an effective claims status experience and practical strategies you can adopt and adapt to meet your state's needs.

We hope this playbook will help you to get started, assess and plan, and implement your claims status project.


  • Get started with your claims status project

    This section outlines what to consider when starting a claims status project to help ensure that the project meets your state’s existing or future needs.

    Get started

  • Assess and plan before starting

    This section suggests steps to take after identifying objectives and priorities, but before starting any implementation work or handing a project off to a vendor.

  • Implement your claims status project

    This section discusses how to improve areas such as processes, data, notifications, and communication within a claims status project.

Screenshot of example claims status page in English

Check out our example claims status page

We created a prototype to demonstrate some of the concepts in this playbook.

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) is actively invested in your state’s success – if addressing claims status is an area of interest for you, please contact us. Email the UI Modernization Team or contact your Regional Office.