This section suggests steps to take after identifying objectives and priorities, but before starting any implementation work or handing a project off to a vendor.


  • Identify stakeholders for your project

    Take the time to assemble a diverse group of stakeholders will help ensure that the solutions you develop are feasible, equitable, and aligned with program objectives.

    Identify stakeholders

  • Establish metrics to assess performance

    Metrics are an excellent way to inform decisions about prioritization efforts and to drive improvements.

  • Evaluate your processes

    When considering how to implement or improve upon a claims status tool, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your state’s UI processes, systems, and tools.

  • Determine and define scope upfront

    Defining the scope upfront will help ensure that clear requirements are documented for your vendor or technology teams to avoid unnecessary cost overruns.

Screenshot of example claims status page in English

Check out our example claims status page

We created a prototype to demonstrate some of the concepts in this playbook.

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