This section outlines what to consider when starting a claims status project. Building these activities into your plan can help ensure that the project meets your state’s existing or future needs.


  • Define objectives before starting

    The first step your team should take when standing up or improving your state’s claim status tool is defining your objectives.

    Define objectives

  • Prioritize your claims status project

    Once you establish your general goals and objectives, your next step is prioritizing this work against other potential projects.

  • Set up timelines and operations

    Before embarking on a claims status project, it’s essential to know that it will be an operational endeavor as much or more so than a technology project.

Screenshot of example claims status page in English

Check out our example claims status page

We created a prototype to demonstrate some of the concepts in this playbook.

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) is actively invested in your state’s success – if addressing claims status is an area of interest for you, please contact us. Email the UI Modernization Team or contact your Regional Office.