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For more information on TAACCCT's National Evaluation, see www.taacccteval.org.

The TAACCCT program had a strong focus on evidence-based practice and evaluation. The Department is conducting a national evaluation of the TAACCCT projects to inform workforce development policy and advance DOL's mission to help the nation's employers and workers.

In addition, grantees were required to retain an independent, third-party evaluator to design and execute a rigorous evaluation of each funded project.

Grantees were expected to develop evidence on effective workforce education and training strategies to serve TAA-eligible and other adult workers that can be replicated broadly.

National Evaluation

The national evaluation of TAACCCT grants adds evidence on what works in workforce development and community college training. The national evaluation provides lessons on the design, implementation, and operation of TAACCCT grants. A subset of Round 4 TAACCCT grantees was selected to participate in a study that examines participants' educational attainment, employment and earnings, and other outcomes.

Available TAACCCT National Evaluation Publications

Upcoming TAACCCT Evaluation Publications

  • Rounds 1 & 2 Synthesis of Third-Party Evaluation Findings
  • Rounds 1 & 2 Implementation Study
  • Round 3 Synthesis of Third-Party Evaluation Findings
  • Round 3 Implementation Study
  • Round 4 Implementation Study
  • Round 4 Participants Outcomes Study
  • Round 4 Synthesis of Third-Party Evaluation Findings

Links to these publications will be posted here as they become available.

Grantee Third-party Evaluations

As a requirement, grantees procured third-party researchers to conduct evaluations on their projects. Grantees were strongly encouraged to use rigorous methodologies, including both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Round 1-4 grantee-procured third-party evaluation reports are available on SkillsCommons under the "Final Program Report" material type.

For further curated research on community college programs, search "TAACCCT" on WorkforceGPS for resources and reports on the TAACCCT Program, developed by TAACCCT grantees, evaluators, and other organizations, and shared on ETA's Workforce Systems Strategies.