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Wage and Hour Division

Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Construction Surveys

For specific information pertinent to each survey, please click on the corresponding state on the map.

Survey Status by State

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Planned, Active and Recently Published Davis Bacon Wage Surveys

Status Region Survey State
PlannedSWStatewide Building and HeavyNew Mexico
PlannedNEStatewide BuildingConnecticut
PlannedNEBuilding (Select Counties)New York
PlannedWStatewide All TypesGuam
PlannedNEStatewide HighwayVirginia
OngoingNEStatewide Heavy and BuildingNew Hampshire
PlannedSEStatewide ResidentialNorth Carolina
PlannedSEStatewide ResidentialSouth Carolina
PlannedSEStatewide HighwayAlabama
OngoingMWStatewide ResidentialKansas
PlannedMWStatewide HighwayKansas
OngoingMWStatewide BuildingMinnesota
OngoingSW/SEStatewide Building and HeavyAlabama
OngoingSWStatewide Building and HeavyArkansas
OngoingW/SEStatewide Building and HeavyMississippi
PlannedWStatewide ResidentialAlaska
OngoingMWStatewide BuildingIowa
OngoingMWStatewide BuildingKansas
OngoingNEStatewide BuildingMassachusetts
OngoingNEStatewide HighwayMassachusetts
OngoingNEStatewide Building, Heavy and ResidentialDelaware
OngoingNEStatewide Building and HeavyMaine
OngoingNEStatewide HighwayMaine
OngoingSEStatewide BuildingFlorida
OngoingSEStatewide HighwayGeorgia
OngoingWStatewide Building and ResidentialNevada
OngoingWStatewide HeavyNevada
OngoingWStatewide - All TypesGuam