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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Construction Surveys

For specific information pertinent to each survey, please click on the corresponding state on the map.

Survey Status by State

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Planned, Active and Recently Published Davis Bacon Wage Surveys

Status Region Survey State
Planned NE Statewide Heavy and Building New Hampshire
Planned SE Statewide Residential North Carolina
Planned SE Statewide Residential South Carolina
Planned SE Statewide Highway Alabama
Planned MW Statewide Residential Kansas
Planned MW Statewide Building Minnesota
Planned SW/SE Statewide Building and Heavy Alabama
Planned SW Statewide Building and Heavy Arkansas
Planned W Statewide All Types Guam
Planned W/SE Statewide Building and Heavy Mississippi
Planned W Statewide Residential Alaska
Published NE Statewide Building Pennsylvania
Published NE Statewide Residential Virginia
Published NE Statewide Residential Maryland
Ongoing NE Statewide Residential New York
Ongoing NE Statewide Building Virginia
Ongoing SE Statewide Building Kentucky
Ongoing SE Statewide Highway Kentucky
Published SE Statewide Heavy Kentucky
Published SE Statewide Highway Mississippi
Ongoing MW Statewide Building Iowa
Published MW Statewide Heavy Kansas
Published MW Statewide Building Ohio
Ongoing MW Statewide Building Kansas
Published SW Metro Building Texas
Published SW Statewide Highway Arkansas
Published SW Statewide Building Louisiana
Published SW Statewide Building South Dakota
Published SW Statewide Building North Dakota
Published SW Statewide Building Utah
Ongoing SW Statewide Building Colorado
Published W Statewide Residential Washington
Ongoing W Rural Residential California
Start NE Statewide Building Massachusetts
Start NE Statewide Highway Massachusetts
Start NE Statewide Building, Heavy and Residential Delaware
Start NE Statewide Building and Heavy Maine
Start NE Statewide Highway Maine
Start SE Statewide Building Florida
Start SE Statewide Highway Georgia
Start W Statewide Building California
Ongoing W Statewide Building and Residential Nevada
Ongoing W Statewide Heavy Nevada
Published W Statewide - All Types Guam