AAM No. 212 : Applicability of Davis-Bacon labor standards to members of survey crews and related Q&As

AAM No. 213 and 233: Application of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts requirement that wage rates for additional classifications, when “conformed” to an existing wage determination, bear a “reasonable relationship” to the wage rates in that wage determination

All Agency Memorandum 130 and Addendum 131 and AAM 236. — "Application of the Standard of Comparison "Projects of a Character Similar" under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts" — Wage and Hour organizes data collection efforts for Davis-Bacon wage surveys into four major categories: Building, Residential, Heavy, and Highway. All Agency Memoranda Number 130 and 131 establish guidelines for the various types of construction.

AAM No. 238: FY 2022 Davis-Bacon Survey Plan — This Memorandum is notification from the Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of its FY 2022 Davis-Bacon Wage Survey Plan. The Memorandum also seeks input from stakeholders concerning survey plans for FY 2023. View AAMs here: https://sam.gov/content/wage-determinations/resources/all-agency-memos