4B07 Follow-Up and Use of Information on Complaints Filed with or by Other Agencies

A CO must examine all the information regarding complaints against the contractor that he or she receives from federal, state and local agencies in response to the standard inquiry letter and enter the information on the SCER. Any complaints involving management jobs or “glass ceiling” issues should also be addressed in the SCER.

If the response does not provide enough information to determine whether a complaint involves a management job or “glass ceiling” issue, the CO should contact the responding agency for additional information.

When needed, the CO should contact the appropriate EEOC office or state or local fair employment practices agency to arrange to review relevant discrimination complaint files as part of the compliance evaluation. This action can be particularly useful when, as a result of the desk audit, the CO identifies potential systemic problems in complaint areas.

After receiving the AAPs and supporting data, any information the contractor provided with respect to current or past complaints must be compared with the information received from the agencies. The CO will note discrepancies and information that the contractor did not provide for possible further investigation during the review, if warranted. The contractor should be asked to explain discrepancies and to provide additional information. In conducting the desk audit, the CO should pay particular attention to any indication of a potentially broader problem in the type of activity and management area/level that was an issue in previous complaints.