4B06 Contacting EEOC, VETS and Other Agencies

Before starting the evaluation, a CO must also seek information regarding the employment policies and practices of the contractor from the EEOC, VETS and other EEO and labor law enforcement agencies. This information provides the CO with a better understanding of the contractor’s workforce and operations, and may indicate potential problem areas.

a. EEOC and State and Local FEP Agencies. Simultaneous with the sending of the Scheduling Letter, a CO must send the standard inquiry letter to the appropriate district office of the EEOC, and to the appropriate state and local FEP agencies.272 This letter requests information regarding discrimination complaints filed against the contractor and any other information that may be pertinent to assess the contractor’s EEO posture. After 15 calendar days, the CO will follow-up by telephone with any agency that failed to reply or from which the CO needs additional information.

b. VETS, ESDS, and DOL Enforcement Agencies. The CO must also check the VETS-4212 database and contact the VETS regional office, and the appropriate local ESDS to request any information that could be pertinent to the pending review.273 Additionally, the CO must check the DOL Enforcement Database for closed complaints and compliance evaluations of the contractor’s establishments, as well as contact other DOL enforcement agencies, such as OSHA and the WHD to identify the number, types and status of any complaints that have been filed against the contractor.

272. Letter L-2 – Sample Inquiry Letter for Requesting Complaint Data from EEOC and State and local FEPs.

273. Sample letters are in this Manual, including Letter L-3, Sample Letter For Requesting Job Listing From Employment Service Delivery Systems, and L-4, Sample Inquiry Letter for Requesting Information on Pending Review from Veterans Employment and Training Service.