4K Completion of Compliance Evaluation: Exit Conference, Report Writing and Notice of Evaluation

In a CMCE, the Regional Director or Deputy Regional Director, or both, will conduct an exit conference with top corporate officials. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Present and discuss any violation findings and required remedies to be incorporated in an NOV; and
  • Identify and discuss any particularly creative or innovative efforts the corporation made to ensure equal opportunity for women and minorities to advance to middle and senior-level management positions.

As noted in FCCM 4A00, a CMCE includes all elements of a standard compliance evaluation, but with a special emphasis on the issues discussed in this chapter. Accordingly, COs must complete the SCER to document their evaluation findings, but they must pay particular attention to the CMCE-specific section of the SCER that addresses issues unique to a CMCE.

4K00 Notice of Evaluation Completion

As in any other compliance evaluation when no violations are found, COs send the corporation a notice of compliance evaluation completion, using the evaluation completion notices and procedures found at Letter L-5, Notice of Closing Compliance Evaluation (No Violations Found).

Note that if the CO finds violations and an agreement that addresses a corporate-wide issue is necessary to bring the corporation into compliance, that agreement should require that the corporation implement the appropriate remedial action at all corporate establishments.292 If, during an evaluation of a subordinate establishment conducted after the effective date of that agreement, OFCCP discovers that this establishment has not fully implemented the agreement, a follow-up of the corporate evaluation may be necessary.

292. See FCCM Chapter 8 – Resolution of Noncompliance.

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