3B04 Mega Construction Projects

A mega construction project is a construction project spanning more than a year, with a value of at least $25 million. OFCCP developed its Mega Construction Project Program to facilitate construction contractors’ access to a pipeline of diverse talent for some of this nation’s largest construction projects. The focus of this program is first and foremost on providing compliance assistance and facilitating relationships that connect contractors with jobs to qualified people seeking jobs.

The program includes providing intensive compliance assistance to participating construction contractors, and facilitating connections between contractors and job training and recruiting sources, unions, local or community based organizations, and federal, state and local governments. Through this approach, the expectation is that there will be an increase in the representation of women and minorities in the construction trades. While contractor participation in the mega construction program is not required, it is encouraged.

On mega construction projects, COs can monitor the solicitations, offers and bid documents to ensure the funding and contracting agencies include the Notice.183 Additionally, COs coordinate with the funding agency to ensure incorporation of the Specifications and appropriate equal opportunity clauses into prime contracts and subcontracts.184 Once the solicitation is made public, the District Director or Assistant District Director should participate in as many pre-bid conferences as feasible that the federal funding agency and the entity receiving federal assistance may schedule with prospective bidders. Once the prime contract is awarded, the District Director or Assistant District Director should contact185 the prime contractor for two purposes:

  • To offer the prime contractor the opportunity to participate in the program, so as to receive extensive compliance assistance and support; and
  • To explain the prime contractor’s role and responsibilities if it participates in the program.

If a mega construction project is located on or near an Indian reservation, the CO should contact OFCCP’s Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program (INAERP) before contacting tribal officials, TEROs or Indian and Native American community based organizations. INAERP will work with the CO to ensure the proper tribal officials are notified about the project and determine their level of involvement based on their resources and tribal infrastructure. INAERP will also conduct introductory meetings via conference call and assist with providing a list of resources for contractors and subcontractors to use in the creation of linkages with tribal entities and Indian and Native American community based organizations. The INAERP staff is available throughout the course of a review to assist COs.

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