3B03 Support from Other Agencies Related to Construction Contractors

The CO must identify the contract(s) on which the contractor’s obligations are based. The CO records this information in the case file and related correspondence. Information on contract awards may be obtained from other federal agencies.

Various federal, state and local government contracting offices may be able to provide notice of contract awards and help ensure that the contractors include equal opportunity and affirmative action clauses in construction contracts. For example, OFCCP has an MOU with the General Services Administration (GSA) that provides for information sharing on construction contract awards.182

Other agencies within the DOL may also have information not available from the contractor. For example, the WHD may be able to provide the number of employees of the contractor by reviewing payroll records certified under the Davis-Bacon Act. Other sources of interagency cooperation may include the ETA funded agencies such as Job Corps, Office of Apprenticeship, and YouthBuild, and the Women’s Bureau.

182. See “U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. General Services Administration: Memorandum of Understanding on Mega Construction Projects,” signed June 2013.