The statute and Departmental regulations provide worker protections and employer requirements concerning wages and working conditions.  The Employment and Training Administration's Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has responsibility for administering the Department's H-2A program, including reviewing applications and issuing temporary labor certifications. The Department's Wage and Hour Division has responsibility for investigating and enforcing obligations applicable to the employment of H-2A workers and workers in corresponding employment, including obligations to offer employment to eligible U.S. workers. Please refer to 29 CFR Part 501 for additional information.

The "video tutorials", which are also posted on YouTube, are available in the "Support" section of the FLAG homepage.  These tutorials will guide users through the major features of the system, such as creating an account logging into FLAG, and creating and joining a network.

Only employers that the OFLC Administrator authorizes to file by postal mail due to lack of internet access or authorizes to file using a reasonable accommodation due to a disability would be permitted to file using an alternate means. The OFLC Administrator will only consider and potentially authorize employers to file an H-2A job order and application by postal mail if there is documentation to support the employer's (and employer's authorized representative) inability to file online due to lack of internet access or for reasonable accommodations due to a disability.

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