Note: The U.S. Department of Labor does not endorse any foreign labor agent or recruiter included in the Foreign Labor Recruiter List, nor does inclusion on this list signify that the recruiter is in compliance with the H-2B program.


The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) publishes public disclosure data for foreign labor recruiters as outlined in 20 CFR 655.9(c). The list contains the name and location of persons or entities identified on Appendix C of the Form ETA-9142B that were hired by, or working for, the recruiter that employers have indicated they engaged, or planned to engage, in the recruitment of prospective H-2B workers to perform the work described on their H-2B application.

By providing this Foreign Labor Recruiter List, the U.S. Department of Labor is in a better position to enforce recruitment violations and workers are better protected against fraudulent recruiting schemes. Specifically, they will be able to verify whether a recruiter is recruiting for legitimate H-2B job opportunities in the United States. Workers can use the case number(s) associated with a recruiter in this list to identify the job order(s) in OFLC's Electronic Job Registry for which the recruiter is seeking workers.

FY 2024 H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List Layout
Field NameDescription
Recruiter Name (Last, First Middle)Name of the recruiter as provided by filing employer, agent, or attorney
Recruiter EntityName company/agent who has hired the recruiter to recruit foreign workers
CountryGeographical location of company/agent City, State and/or recruiter
City, State 
Mailing Code 
H-2B OFLC Case NumbersThe unique case number assigned by the FLAG System to the Form(s) ETA-9142B in which the recruiter's identity and geographic location were disclosed.


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