Qualifying Event

TAA-certified workers include workers in a certified group employed by a firm that produces articles (a "primary firm"), a certified group employed by a firm that produces and supplies component parts for a primary firm (a "supplier"), and a certified group employed by a firm that provides additional, value-added production processes (a "downstream producer") for a primary firm. TAA Dislocated Worker Grant (DWG) funds may be requested to provide assistance for layoffs at one or more companies, which include primary firms, suppliers or downstream producers, as long as the layoff impacts 50 or more workers and at least one worker group employed by the companies has been certified as TAA-eligible by the Department or has a TAA petition investigation pending.

If the project for which funds are requested includes workers of more than one employer, only one of the companies is required to have workers in a TAA-certified group or have a TAA petition determination pending for a group of its workers. The companies whose workers are not TAA-certified or the subject of a TAA petition under investigation may be included in the TAA DWG project.

Eligible Applicant

Applicants for TAA DWGs must be the state workforce agency designated by the Governor to receive WIOA Dislocated Worker formula funds.

Eligible Participant

In order to be eligible to receive services through a TAA DWG project, all participants must meet the definition of a dislocated worker as defined in WIOA Section 3(15). A subset of participants in a DWG project must be part of a worker group certified as eligible to apply for TAA benefits, and are in need of services not provided by the TAA program. Participants eligible for TAA must meet the eligibility requirements of the TAA program in order to receive TAA program benefits. Those individuals who are not eligible for TAA may be included in the DWG project and are eligible to receive the full array of DWG services.