Resource Book - Table of Contents
(By Tab Number & Section Title)

  1. Title Page, Legal Disclaimer, Table of Contents (PDF)
  2. Acronyms Used in This Resource Book & Useful Web links (PDF)
  3. Introduction to the Labor Standards Statutes Coverage (PDF)
  4. Interaction PCA & SCA & DBA on Federal Contracts (PDF)
  5. Davis-Bacon Surveys (PDF)
  6. Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations (PDF)
  7. Davis-Bacon Additional Classifications Process (Conformances) (PDF)
  8. Appeals Regarding Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations & Conformance Actions (PDF)
  9. DBA/DBRA Compliance Principles (PDF)
  10. Overtime Pay on DBA/DBRA Contracts (PDF)
  11. Investigative Procedures under DBA/DBRA/CWHSSA (PDF)
  12. DBA/DBRA/CWHSSA Withholding and Disbursement (PDF)
  13. SCA Administrative Variances & Exemptions (PDF)
  14. SCA Wage Determinations (PDF)
  15. SCA Conformance Process (PDF)
  16. Review & Reconsideration & Appeals to the ARB of SCA Wage Determinations & Conformances (PDF)
  17. Administrative Hearing Regarding Application of Section 4(c) "Substantial Variance" and "Arm's Length Negotiations" (PDF)
  18. SCA Compliance Principles (PDF)
  19. Overtime Pay on SCA Contracts (PDF)
  20. Investigative Process, Withholding, and Disbursement of Funds Under SCA/CWHSSA/FLSA (PDF)
  21. Establishing A Minimum Wage for Contractors -- E.O. 13658 (PDF)

This publication contains materials developed primarily for use in prevailing wage training seminars. The contents are designed to enhance the knowledge of procurement personnel and others whose responsibilities include work with the Service Contract Act and the Davis-Bacon and related Acts. Study of this volume should facilitate dissemination of information to those who are interested in the administration and enforcement of these laws. This publication is intended to provide practical guidance to procurement personnel and the general public rather than definitive legal advice.