The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) requires any employee of a registered farm labor contractor who performs any farm labor contracting activities solely on behalf of such contractor to obtain a Farm Labor Contractor Employee certificate of registration.

The farm labor contractor employees who appear on the following list have obtained a federal certificate of registration authorizing the holder to perform farm labor contracting activities under MSPA. The employee’s certificate – as well as the list below – will show the name of the farm labor contractor for whom the activities are to be performed. Note that the farm labor contractor is responsible for any violations of MSPA or its regulations that are committed by his/her employee.

Only a person holding a valid certificate issued by the Secretary of Labor may engage in farm labor contracting activities.  

The list contains the name of all current certificate holders and the farm labor contractor whose name appears on each employee’s certificate, as well as the start date, expiration date, and the certificate number generated by the Wage and Hour Division. The list also indicates if the farm labor contractor employee has been authorized to drive vehicles used to transport migrant or seasonal agricultural workers.

The list further indicates the dates on which the farm labor contractor employee’s current doctor’s certificate (if applicable) and FD-258 fingerprint card will no longer be accepted by WHD.