The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA) requires a contractor to obtain federal certification prior to performing any farm labor contracting activities.

The farm labor contractors who appear on the following list have obtained a federal certificate of registration authorizing the holder to perform farm labor contracting activities under MSPA. This list is updated quarterly. The information below is generated as of January 1, 2020. Only a person holding a valid certificate issued by the Secretary of Labor may engage in farm labor contracting activities. A list of Ineligible Farm Labor Contractors can be found at

The list contains the name and physical address of all current certificate holders, as well as the expiration date and the certificate number generated by the Wage and Hour Division. The list also indicates if the contractor has been authorized to house workers, to use vehicles to transport workers, or to drive such vehicles. The phone number and the certificate starting date is included for download via the excel or csv option.

NOTE: There are three ways to search the FLC listing. This can either be done on this web page, in the downloadable Excel Worksheet or downloadable CSV file. To search on the web page, use the “Find in Results” search box to enter text (a name or certificate number, for example) and the table will display all records that include that text. Alternatively, use the up and down arrows in the column headers to sort by name, certificate number, state, or ZIP Code.

Revised Date: January 1, 2020 Download Worksheet(XLS, CSV) (Click Save button when File Download screen pops up)