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Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses and Caregivers (TEAMS) is a series of Department of Labor (DOL) employment workshops that extend the Department’s Transition Assistance Program to assist military spouses and caregivers as they plan and prepare for their job search in pursuit of their employment goals. All TEAMS workshops are instructor-led training, provided at a variety of times, to meet the needs of individuals stationed throughout the world.

TEAMS workshops are stand-alone training modules. You can take all of the workshops or just a few and they can be taken in any order that fits your availability and schedule.

Workshop Information

  • All workshops are conducted virtually. Please reach out to your local installation regarding in-person workshops.
  • Schedules and registration links are posted by workshop title in the boxes below.
  • All registration links display the date and time scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone (ET). You can use this link for Time Conversion Assistance to determine the effective time of the workshop at your location.
  • Once you register for the workshop, you can expect to receive automated email notifications regarding that workshop. All notifications will display the Eastern Time Zone (ET) for your use in converting to the time in your location.
  • For local military installation representatives and transition managers interested in hosting live in-person TEAMS workshops, contact your TAP site lead contractor for assistance. If you have any questions, please send an email to
  • We recommend beginning the process of scheduling in-person TEAMS workshops a quarter in advance. We look forward to bringing our successful TEAMS workshops to military spouses and caregivers at your installation.

NEW Workshop

In collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration, we’ve added Entrepreneurship to the TEAMS workshop options. Register for this workshop below!


Workshop Times are in EASTERN TIME ZONE (ET)

Note: When registering, all notifications will display the Eastern Time Zone (ET)

Please email us with any questions:


VETS Resource Guide

DOL TEAMS Resource GuideThe VETS Resource Guide (PDF) is a helpful resource supporting all TEAMS workshops.

It will help you find and access the many online resources discussed in our workshops as well as other important resources. 


Time Conversion Assistance

Workshop Descriptions, Schedule and Registration

JST time zone classes are most convenient for OCONUS Asia and CET time zone classes are most convenient for OCONUS Europe.