Women Veterans

Women Veteran

Did you know that 1 in 7 men in this country is a veteran, but only 1 in 69 women in this country is a veteran?

Women veterans are younger, more diverse, and more likely to have served recently than male veterans.

View the 2018 Gender and Veteran Demographics webinar.

Women veterans are more likely than male veterans or women nonveterans to be in the workforce and to be employed.

View the 2018 Employment, Unemployment and Education webinar.

Women Veteran

Women Veteran

Women veterans are equally likely as male nonveterans and are nearly three times as likely as women nonveterans to work in protective service occupations.

View the 2016 Industries and Occupations webinar.

Free employment assistance is available nationwide, and veterans receive priority of service.

View the Employment Assistance for Women Veterans webinar.

Women Veteran

Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) Women Veteran Program

The Women Veteran Program monitors the employment situation of women veterans to ensure DOL VETS programs serve women veterans and male veterans equitably. When new or updated information about women veterans in the workforce becomes available, it is made public on this webpage, either as a fact sheet or as a webinar.

Free employment services are available at American Job Centers nationwide, and they are effective for women veterans. In fact, one study showed that women veterans who used them experienced less of a wage gap than women nonveterans using comparable services. Veterans receive priority of service, and veterans with significant barriers to employment may receive more intensive case management, so be sure to tell them you are a veteran!