Established on June 5, 1920, the Women’s Bureau is the only federal agency mandated to represent the needs of wage-earning women. The Women’s Bureau conducts extensive research and analysis and documents issues impacting working women in order to inform policy and program reforms that better support women in the workforce. Visit this link and scroll down to “Women Veterans” to see charts with the most recent annual data on women veterans, and remember that all of the other data points on this website apply to ALL working women - including the 2% who are veterans! Did you know: 

  • Women make up 11% of all veterans and 13% of veterans in the workforce?
  • Women veterans are more likely than women nonveterans to hold an advanced degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or to have some college credit or an Associate degree than women nonveterans?
  • Veterans are significantly more likely than nonveterans to work for the federal government, and women veterans are the most likely of all to work for the federal government?
  • In 2021, women earned 83% of what men earned, and among workers aged 35 and over, women earned 77-80% of what men earned?

Source: Women's Bureau - Data and Statistics