Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (OASVET) Service

U.S. Department of Labor
200 Constitution Ave NW
Room S-1325
Washington, DC 20210
Phone: 202-693-4700
Fax: 202-693-4755

Title Name
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy James Rodriguez
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations and Management Margarita Devlin
Chief of Staff Julian Purdy
Senior Advisor Vacant
Director, Office of Field Operations William "Bill" Metheny
Supervisory Executive Assistant Rhonda McGhee
Special Assistant Vacant
Confidential Assistant LaVeta Moore
Staff Assistant Julie Cook
Correspondence Specialist/FOIA Coordinator Carrie Timus


Office of National Programs (ONP)

Title Name
Director Ivan Denton
Director, Grants and Training Maria Temiquel
Director, Compliance William "Kenan" Torrans
Senior Investigator Vacant
Senior Program Analyst Vacant  
Competitive Grants Lead (acting) Johnvincent “Vinny” Sabella
Director, Transition Assistant Program (TAP) Timothy Winter
Apprenticeship, Licensing and Credentialing Lead  Carolyn Renick
TAP Lead-Policy, Partnerships, and Outreach Michael Slater
TAP Operations Lead Pamela Langley
NVTI Program Lead Vacant  
JVSG Program Lead Rebekah Haydin
Senior Compliance Analyst Kristoffer Evans
Compliance Analyst William Coughlin
Senior Program Analyst/TAP Management Vacant  
Program Analyst/TAP COR Cecilia "CeCe" Hill
Program and Performance Analyst Luke Murren
Grants Management Specialist Amanda Denogean
Grants Management Specialist (detail) Janice Maupin-Anderson
Grants Management Specialist (detail) Travis Siggers


Office of Strategic Outreach (OSO)

Title Name
Director Mark Toal
Communications Director Laurel Devine
HIRE Vets Medallion Program Manager Randall “Smitty” Smith
National Veterans' Employment Manager Meg O’Grady
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — Atlanta Gabe Soltero
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — Boston Paul Furbush
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — Philadelphia Nicole Neri
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — Chicago Vacant  
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — Dallas Roxann Griffith
Regional Vets' Employment Coordinator — San Francisco Tony Forbes
Strategic Outreach Specialist Gregory Green
Digital & Strategic Communications Advisor Kellen Leech
Legislative and Policy Analyst Vacant  


Office of Research and Policy (ORP)

Title Name
Director Nuno A. Medeiros
Legislative Analyst Edgar A. Gleason
Disabled Veterans Program and
Research Analyst
Micah J. Foster
Women Veteran Program Manager Nancy Glowacki, Ph.D.
Senior Research Analyst Stephanie S. Chan
VETS Fellow Mark A. Wentink
VETS Fellow Aaron J. Draper


Office of Agency Management and Budget (OAMB)

Title Name
Director Iris S.Diaz
Agency Records Officer Jenel Turner
Budget Manager Joseph "Joe" Matotek
Senior Budget Analyst Todd Jennings
Senior Budget Analyst Derek McPhail
Internal Controls Officer Rhonda Epps
Senior Performance Analyst Aaron Gustafson
Program and Performance Analyst Vacant
Enterprise Program Manager Robert Quarles