Employees of federal contractors are protected by laws and regulations that are enforced by OFCCP. As a worker, learn more about the mission of OFCCP and the protections federal contractors are required to provide for you by law: see Community Outreach below. If you applied for a job or worked for a federal contractor who has settled a dispute with OFCCP, you may be entitled to monetary compensation: see the Class Member Locator below.

How to File a Complaint

If you believe that your rights as a worker have been violated or if you believe a federal contractor has been discriminatory in its practices, you can file a complaint here. OFCCP is committed to workers rights and will investigate complaints filed against federal contractors.

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Class Member Locator (CML)

Determine if you are part of a class member in an OFCCP investigation. You may be entitled to money and/or consideration for a job.

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