6L01 Prior to Issuing a No Violation NORI

a. Contact with the Complainant. If the complaint investigation results in a proposed finding of “no violation,” the CO must contact the complainant prior to the issuance of a NORI. The CO will inform the complainant of the no violation finding, the factual findings, the types of records reviewed, and whether all of the witnesses the complainant and OFCCP identified were interviewed. The discussion regarding witnesses and witness statements should be in general terms without identifying specific witnesses or their statements. This contact will give the complainant an opportunity, prior to the completion of the investigation, to introduce new or previously unconsidered evidence. If new evidence is introduced, the contractor must be given the opportunity to respond. Such contact with the complainant or contractor may be in person or by telephone, but the CO must document when and how he or she made the contact. The documentation must also identify the issues discussed, the complainant’s response and any additional investigation the CO conducted as a result of this contact. If needed, the compliance officer may give the complainant 10 business days to provide additional material before issuing the NORI.

b. Request for Release of Documents. The CO must not release to any party any documents provided by any other party, the internal Investigative Report or interview transcripts. Based on Exemption 7(A) of the FOIA (5 U.S.C. 552(b)(7)(a)), OFCCP does not release records from an open investigation other than those provided by the requesting party itself.