6L00 Settlement Before Completion of Investigation

a. Initiating Settlement. The CO should be prepared to discuss settlement at any stage of the investigation, with the intent for the settlement to provide a just resolution of the violations. Before engaging in settlement discussions, the CO should advise the contractor that there is no prejudice to the position of the contractor for participating in settlement sessions prior to completion of the investigation, or for not participating in the discussions; and the contractor should not construe the government’s participation in settlement sessions as a waiver of the government’s right to proceed to a formal NORI if the settlement discussions are unsuccessful. The CO should provide his or her supervisor with all relevant information to assist in determining whether it is appropriate to enter settlement discussions.

b. Complainant Notification of Resolution. If, at any time prior to the completion of an investigation, the CO receives notification that the contractor and complainant have resolved the complaint to the complainant’s satisfaction, and the CO has not received any data or information indicating unresolved compliance concerns, the OFCCP may close the case. The CO should confirm that the contractor and complainant have resolved all of the complaint allegations, and that no one has forced or coerced the complainant into stating that the complaint is resolved.350

350. See Letter L-19 – Letter to the Contractor Confirming Complaint Resolution and Letter L-20 – Letter to the Complainant Confirming Complaint Resolution.