6K Use of a Notification of Results of Investigation

The CO prepares a NORI to report the results of OFCCP’s investigation of the complaint allegations. If the investigation does not result in a finding of discrimination, OFCCP issues a no violation NORI, as explained below in FCCM 6L02. If the investigation results in a finding of discrimination, the CO issues a violation NORI explained below in FCCM 6L05.

6K00 Signatures and Procedures

The CO should prepare the NORI for the signature of the Regional Director, or designee. After being signed, the original NORI will remain in the case file. The CO will send copies of the NORI to the complainant and the contractor with a letter of transmittal, sent certified mail, return receipt requested. The CO will provide copies of the NORI to the regional office. The CO should annotate the Case Chronology Log to reflect the transmission and, as appropriate, the receipt of the document.

6K01 Notice to Labor Union of a Violation Finding

When the remedy for a finding of a violation would require a change in or otherwise affect a collective bargaining agreement between the contractor and a union, or require the award of retroactive seniority where seniority is governed by a collective bargaining agreement, the union will be notified of the particular violation and will be invited to participate in its conciliation.349

349. See FCCM Chapter 8 – Resolution of Noncompliance.

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