6J Conducting Analyses and the Investigative Report

The CO must write an Investigative Report in all instances in which the CO has conducted an investigation. See Appendix A-10 – Investigative Report for the format of this report. In writing this report, the CO should not express personal opinions and should not include matters unrelated to the issues of the complaint or to issues that arose during the course of the investigation. Upon completing the investigation, the CO will analyze all data and information that explains, describes or clarifies the incident, or the application of the policy, procedure or practice at issue. The CO will analyze all comparative and statistical data using the appropriate analytical framework for addressing the allegations. The results of the analyses and a description of any direct, circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, either refuting or supporting the allegations, will be included in the Investigative Report. The CO will make factual findings and cite the support for the findings with regard to each allegation. The CO will also make a determination of whether there is sufficient evidence to support that discrimination occurred. The Investigative Report should also include a discussion of the contractor’s defenses and the CO’s assessment of the merits of those defenses.

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