6E00 Approach to Investigating Complaint Allegations

In conducting a complaint investigation, the CO is a neutral fact finder. A complaint is essentially a statement of allegations of discrimination or other violations. The CO conducts an investigation to determine if there is sufficient pertinent evidence to support that a violation occurred or not, in light of the allegations in the complaint. In preparing for and conducting the investigation, the CO must exercise objectivity and thoroughness. The CO must conduct each investigation in an atmosphere of open mindedness and fairness to both parties. The CO should display professional conduct at all times.

a. Relationship to Compliance Evaluations. The CO may complete a complaint investigation with or without a compliance evaluation. If, upon evaluating the complaint allegations, or at any time during the investigation of the complaint, the CO obtains information that class, systemic or other issues may be more appropriately addressed by conducting a compliance evaluation (full review, focused review or compliance check), the CO should discuss this issue with his or her supervisor, and obtain national office review and approval prior to expanding the investigation into a compliance evaluation.

b. Investigative Priority. The CO should act expeditiously on any complaint that alleges immediate and irreparable harm. For example, a complaint alleging the threat of termination in retaliation for filing a complaint with OFCCP (or for assisting in an OFCCP compliance evaluation, complaint investigation or enforcement action) requires immediate action.