6D03 Notifying the Contractor and Complainant That OFCCP Will Investigate the Complaint

At the beginning of the investigation, the CO will provide the contractor notice that the complaint is being investigated by OFCCP and include a full copy of the complaint with the notice, except to the extent it contains the types of information described below.320 The CO must also notify the complainant that OFCCP is investigating the complaint and include a copy of the redacted complaint that was provided to the contractor.321

The CO will redact the following information so that the remaining text reads as smoothly as possible.

  • The name and other information that would easily identify someone other than the complainant who might suffer retaliation, be construed as an informer, or suffer embarrassment or other unwarranted invasion of privacy.
  • Obscene or inflammatory language, unless it is relevant to the allegations.
  • Names and allegations against more than one company. The CO should delete the name and allegations against company #1 from the complaint copy provided to company #2, and vice versa.
  • Identifying characteristics of individuals in a third-party complaint (e.g., description of unique characteristics, unique job title or position) if the individual has not signed the complaint or authorized release of his or her identity.

However, if the necessary redactions are so extensive as to make the complaint incomprehensible, the CO may prepare a complaint summary to forward to the contractor.

320. See Letter L-15, Letter Notifying Contractor of Investigation.

321. See Letter L-16, Letter Notifying Complainant of Investigation.