1G12 Data Collection Analysis

Contractors are required to document the below information on an annual basis as part of their AAP, maintaining the data for three years, under 41 CFR 60-741.44(k).

  • The total number of job openings and total number of jobs filled. Job openings include those that may be externally and internally filled;
  • The total number of applicants for all jobs;
  • The number of applicants who self-identified as individuals with disabilities or who are otherwise known to be individuals with disabilities;
  • The total number of applicants hired; and
  • The total number of applicants with disabilities hired.

When reviewing the AAP for acceptability, the CO must verify that the contractor provided documentation of computations or comparisons of the above information, as requested in the Itemized Listing. These computations or comparisons are criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of the contractor’s outreach and positive recruitment efforts. The data may also be used to analyze applicant trends to inform the contractor’s review of personnel practices and self-audit.