1I Summary of Acceptability Problems with AAPs and Itemized Listing Data

COs identify problems with the completeness and acceptability of a contractor’s AAPs under Executive Order 11246, Section 503 and VEVRAA, and Itemized Listing data in Part B.II of the SCER. For each problem, COs must use Part B.II of the SCER to describe the specific problems and actions taken at the desk audit to resolve them, and actions planned for an on-site review. Any findings from on-site reviews are also recorded in this part of the SCER.

A CO may resolve some problems with the AAPs and Itemized Listing data at the desk audit after additional contact with the contractor. For example, if the CO cannot evaluate job group acceptability because there is no information on what job titles are in each group, that CO may be able to resolve the problem by obtaining the missing information from the contractor. The CO will note this follow-up contact and receipt of the additional information on the SCER. Such a notation could be written like this: “Called J. Smith May 1, 2011 and asked him to send a list of titles in each group. List received May 8, 2011.”

If a CO determines that an Executive Order, Section 503, or VEVRAA AAP does not meet one or more of the standards for acceptability as discussed previously in this chapter, the CO must recommend suspension of the desk audit and issuance of an SCN, as appropriate.

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