1D Review of AAPs: Overview

After receiving a contractor’s AAPs and Itemized Listing data, COs must ensure that they are complete and acceptable. There are three types of determinations that a CO must make: inclusion, missing items, and acceptability; each is described below.

  • Inclusion. Immediately review the material to ensure that the contractor provided all of the materials identified in the Scheduling Letter and accompanying Itemized Listing. Figure F-3 contains the current Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing.
  • Missing Items. Create an inventory list of every document that the contractor provided, including the date requested, if any, and date received. Also record on the list the items requested but not provided by the contractor.
  • Acceptability. Determine whether the AAPs and Itemized Listing data are current, complete and acceptable.

The results of this initial review for inclusion and acceptability, as outlined below in sections 1E through 1H, are documented on Part B.I of the SCER. Each specific problem a CO identifies is described in Part B.II of the SCER, along with the corrective actions the CO plans to take to resolve them. To minimize duplication of work as well as the time it takes to complete a desk audit, COs should begin to analyze supporting data only after determining that the AAPs and supporting data are complete and acceptable.

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