WOTC Performance

State workforce agencies submit data to ETA through the quarterly electronic submission of ETA Form 9058 via the web-based Tax Credit Reporting System (TCRS) of the Enterprise Business Services System (EBSS). See the tables below for an overview of WOTC annual performance, wage, and occupational data.

Table 1. National Tax Credit Certification Reporting by Fiscal Year
Fiscal YearTotal Certifications YTDAnnual Report
20231,982,858PDF Format
20222,569,056PDF Format
20212,081,474PDF Format
20201,620,806PDF Format
20192,068,417PDF Format

Note: Data may change due to performance reporting updates. Click here for a glossary of terms used in the Annual Report.

Table 2. Total Number of Certifications by Starting Hourly Wage
Fiscal YearSection K 1.
Under Federal
Minimum Wage
Section K 2.
Section K 3.
Section K 4.
Section K 5.

Note: Data may change due to performance reporting updates.

Table 3. Total Number of Certifications by Occupation
*Top seven occupations by total certifications
Fiscal YearBusiness & Financial Operations
(SOC 13)
Healthcare Support Occupation
(SOC 31)
Food Preparation & Serving
(SOC 35)
Personal Care & Services
(SOC 39)
Sales & Related Occupations
(SOC 41)
Office & Administrative Support
(SOC 43)
Production Occupations
(SOC 51)

* Note: Data may change due to performance reporting updates.

Note: SOC = Standard Occupational Classification. For FY 2019, ‘Business & Financial Operations’ (SOC 13) was not one of the top seven occupations by total certifications.