Signature Documents

Signature Documents Announcements (Updated December 13, 2023)

  • To confirm agreement, each party to the SWIS Agreement must deliver to ETA the applicable Amending Amendment Signature Page completed as indicated in the applicable signature block and signed by an authorized official of that agency. ETA will accept separate amendment signature pages within a state on a flow basis and are not requiring states to route the same signature pages for all parties within a state to sign.
  • The signature package includes Annex 2, Annex 3, Annex 3-A, and Annex 3-B. These acknowledgements are for review purposes. States should use the form fillable Annexes below once all PACIAs within a state have signed the First Agreement to Amend SWIS. For information your state’s implementation status, please review the PACIA Signatures table below.
  • Available for download:

Signature Tracking

For questions about the status of your state’s amendment signature status, please reach out to your SWIS state contact.