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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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About CEO

What We Do

The Chief Evaluation Office (CEO), established in 2010, coordinates, manages, and implements the Department of Labor's (DOL's) evaluation program. CEO is an independent evaluation office, located organizationally in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy. CEO works closely with all offices and agencies throughout DOL to develop and implement evaluations that address priorities set by the Secretary and the agencies. CEO also collaborates externally with colleagues in other Federal Departments and in the professional evaluation and research community.

CEO is committed to high-quality independent evaluations and institutionalizing an evidence-based culture at the Department. Each year, based on the agency learning agendas, Department and Administration priorities, and available resources, CEO develops an Evaluation Plan to communicate the planned evaluation studies for the fiscal year.
CEO FY2017 Evaluation Plan
CEO FY2018 Evaluation Plan

CEO is committed to compliance with the DOL Evaluation Policy, which presents key principles that govern DOL's planning, conduct, and use of program evaluations. The policy represents a commitment to conducting rigorous, relevant evaluations in an independent and transparent way, and to using evidence from evaluations to inform policy and practice.
Department of Labor Evaluation Policy

Agencies We Work With

To develop and implement evaluations, CEO works closely with all offices and agencies throughout DOL, including:

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