The Office of Compliance Initiatives promotes greater understanding of federal labor laws and regulations to prevent violations and protect Americans' wages, workplace safety and health, retirement security, and other rights and benefits. As part of its mission, OCI aims to expand, strengthen, and innovate the U.S. Department of Labor's outreach to workers, employers, and the regulated community. OCI works with the Department’s agencies to enhance targeted outreach and communication strategies, and ensure their activities are effective.

What We Do

  • Help workers and employers understand their rights and responsibilities under the regulations that agencies administer
  • Partner with agencies on innovative outreach as a complement to enforcement
  • Help prevent employment law violations, freeing up agencies to focus scarce resources on willful and repeat offenders

Areas of Focus

1. Outreach

2. Innovation

  • Identify and share best practices to link with enforcement strategies
  • Create user-focused resources through testing and social listening

3. Culture

  • Build long-term relationships with external partners and stakeholders
  • Work to institutionalize innovative practices within the Department
  • Connect two networks of national office and field outreach staff from the enforcement agencies

4. Analysis

  • Identify outreach improvements through cross-agency activities
  • Help develop easily accessible resources for workers and employers