Secure Transfer, Restricted-Use Data Lake

U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Secure Transfer, Restricted-Use Data Lake (STRUDL) provides authorized external and internal researchers secure access to confidential data. The program aims to support approved social science research projects that align with DOL’s mission. In summary, the STRUDL allows researchers to address important research questions of interest to the academic community, the general public, and DOL. These data have already been paid for by the public and are being reutilized rather than discarded. Storing and carefully reusing them ensures good stewardship. 

Approved researchers, those who submit a successful STRUDL application, can access, link, and utilize restricted-use microdata from a variety of DOL sources. Prior to public release, staff from DOL’s disclosure review process will review the analyses and statistics on DOL data. Subject matter experts (SMEs) review the paper for factual accuracy only. SMEs do not review authors’ tone, framing, or conclusions. Once cleared, researchers can publish their results in reports and other professional outlets. By informing the public and policymakers on practical worker issues, the researchers contribute to fulfilling DOL’s mission.

Please visit the Enterprise Data Inventory to learn more about what data may be available for use as part of STRUDL.

Public use data is available through the Chief Evaluation Office’s (CEO) Public Use Data Lake (PUDL). Please visit PUDL for more information on how to access to these data.

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