What is the Enterprise Data Inventory?

The Enterprise Data Inventory (EDI) is a core component of any effective data governance program, and provides a comprehensive listing of data assets that are generated, managed, and used in support of Agency missions.  DOL's EDI is managed through collaborative efforts involving staff from data governance staff across the Department in coordination with DOL's Data Board.  


How do Enterprise Data Inventories Help?

  • An effective EDI will organize, categorize, and summarize the information being collected, managed, analyzed, and made public throughout the Department.
  • EDI will provide useful information to both internal and external data users such as the names of datasets, brief descriptions of their content and purpose, links to where the data can be accessed, and some details regarding how often the data are being published, updated, and released.
  • The EDI identifies key individuals who play important roles with respect to the data including but not limited to:
    • Data stewards who can provide detailed information about the dataset and the collection process that created it;
    • Data owners who have the authority to make decisions about sharing the data;
    • Managers of IT systems that host the data; and 
    • Data users with detailed knowledge about how to appropriately leverage the data
  • A well organized EDI provides a quick and useful reference to identifying data that might be beneficial for analytics, research, policy, planning or budget purposes, to support program operations, answering questions from the members of the media, and supporting greater transparency in federal data for the public


Accessing the DOL EDI

You can access a redacted version of the DOL Enterprise Data Inventory below:

            DOL Enterprise Data Inventory (Q1, 2024. Excel Format)

            DOL Enterprise Data Inventory (Q1, 2024. CSV Format)

DOL also maintains a current and accurate listing of its data assets at https://data.gov/.