Major Components of Data Governance at DOL

DOL has established a federated data governance model that recognizes our component agencies as generators and owners of data and relies on DOL’s representative data governance body (the DOL Data Board) and our data stewardship network to lead our varying programs towards more optimal data management through consensus, collaboration, and increasingly more rigorous data management.

DOL has numerous key stakeholders who are critical to the ways in which DOL routinely manages, leverages, and shares data including DOL’s Chief Information Officer, Evidence Officials, agency and Departmental leadership teams, and other Federal, public, and private data users who rely on data we produce every day to best inform our collective work in public service.  

Major components of our governance efforts include: 

  • establishing strategy so varying programs and activities are aligned towards common goals; 
  • assessments to ensure that our efforts are addressing the most pressing issues, and everyone is aware of the current state of our infrastructure and operations; 
  • creating a comprehensive inventory of data collections created, maintained, and controlled by the Department of Labor;
  • standards to help ensure interoperability, predictability and consistency; and 
  • awareness of all relevant laws and policies governing data use and management.