Maintaining clear and useful inventories of data across the enterprise is a foundational prerequisite for establishing an effective data governance program.  Prior to assessing the current state of data capabilities, developing data strategies, or establishing standards, an organization requires a comprehensive understanding of the format, content, and variety of data assets that need to be governed, where they can be accessed, how they are made available, etc.  Below are links to products that DOL has created to support more effective and effective management of data assets.  These products have been specifically designed to be useful to the public and support their efforts to locate, access and leverage the data and information they seek.


Enterprise Data Inventory

DOL's Enterprise Data Inventory (EDI) is a comprehensive list of data collections created, maintained, and controlled by the Department of Labor.  Our EDI contains a variety of information including data stewards who have specific responsibilities for data management, data set descriptors provided to, and additional characteristics and categorizations that are useful in describing content, format and special features within the datasets.

Please note that this list excludes public and private data sets created and managed by our Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  For access to BLS data sets, visit them at, or submit questions about BLS datasets directly at


Tags and Keywords

During 2021 and 2022, DOL undertook Tags and Keywords. These are a collection of controlled vocabularies (CVs) used to standardize the way that agencies describe their datasets to make related datasets easily discoverable.



DOL’s Taxonomy is a hierarchical structure of standardized terms and concepts describing data that enables users to find and use related datasets.