On behalf of the Department of Labor, the Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) funds research grants to engage the academic community in efforts to build evidence on labor issues of importance to the Department. 

Since 2012, scholars have conducted independent research through the Department of Labor Scholars Program. This grant program supports the development of a research study, culminating in a final report summarizing the design, analysis, and findings, as well as a public-use data file, if applicable.

The Labor Research and Evaluation Grants aimed to build the capacity of university-based researchers to rigorously examine labor-related issues while building awareness and understanding of these issues among program administrators, policy makers, and the public.

Explore each study below. Please note, these reports were produced outside of CEO's independent evaluation and research process. Please see the individual reports for more information on how these products were developed.

Summer Data Equity Challenge Grants

The Department of Labor awarded nearly $150,000 to five established and emerging researchers to analyze how federal labor policies, protections and programs reach traditionally underserved communities.

Final reports are expected in September 2021.

Read more about the Summer Data Challenge awardees.

DOL Scholars

Grantees received up to $50,000 to conduct independent research relevant to DOL policies and programs. Explore the final reports and documentation from each cohort.

Labor Research and Evaluation Grants

DOL awarded nearly $2 million to nine university grantees to support research on workforce policies and programs that explore a wide range of topics, all with a focus on evaluating or researching topics that have direct implications for DOL programs, the labor force, and the American worker. Explore the final report from each project.

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Project Title
Daniel Schneider and Kristen Harknett
The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley
Roland Zullo
The Regents of the University of Michigan