The Wage and Hour Division maintains the list below of willful violator employers under the H-1B program.- For more information, please view Fact Sheet #62S: What is a willful violator employer?

This list is effective as of October 1, 2020.       Download Worksheet (Click Save button when File Download screen pops up)

List of H-1B Willful Violators
Employer Name City State Date of
Willful Violation
Agency Making Determination
Ajel Technologies, Inc. and Srinivas Arikatla, Individually Southfield NJ 06/09/2016 DOL
Amica Technology Solutions, LLC Kent WA 06/22/2017 DOL
Business Reporting Management Services, Inc. Parlin New Jersey 3/5/2018 DOL
Clinron LLC Chicago IL 8/7/2016 DOL
Comprehensive Kids Developmental School     10/25/2018  
Delta Search Labs, Inc. Cambridge MA 7/14/2016 DOL
E-Aspire IT LLC     4/15/2018  
G Healthcare LLC San Jose CA 11/30/2016 DOL
Incoln Corporation, Inc Sunnyvale CA 12/2/2016 DOL
How We Fund It, Inc.     9/13/2018  
Kimberley Fisher     9/13/2018  
Law Office of Paul R. Weisenfeld     4/21/2018  
Md2 Systems, Inc. Glen Allen VA 5/4/2016 DOL
Prithvi Information Solution
International, LLC
Bellevue WA 10/29/2015 DOL
Riedstra Dairy, Ltd.
d/b/a Riedstra Dairy
Mendon MI 3/11/2016 DOL
Techwire Solutions Inc.
Pratik Bang,
Individually, and
Preeti Bakshi,
Jersey City NJ 2/4/2016 DOL
Telava Networks, Inc. d/b/a Local Area Yellow Pages San Francisco CA 10/23/2016 DOL

Last Updated on October 1, 2020.