FMLA 30th Anniversary Event

The U.S. Department of Labor will mark the 30th anniversary of the passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – landmark legislation that has helped millions of working families in America – with an event  to celebrate the law’s successes, honor FMLA champions, and look ahead at ways to ensure workers have leave when they need it.

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Working While Caring: A Discussion on Workplace Leave for Family Caregivers

Webinar - Working While Caring: A Discussion on Workplace Leave for Family Caregivers

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What FMLA Means to Workers, in Their Own Words

Kris in Colorado

Kris in Colorado

“When my mom was originally diagnosed with cancer, I used intermittent FMLA leave to take her to radiation appointments and oncology visits. Later, I used FMLA leave for meetings with the hospice team that helped me with her end-of-life care. Being by her side made a world of difference for both of us. I don’t feel the guilt or remorse I did when I wasn’t able to be there for my dad.”
– Kris Garcia, Denver, Colorado

Donna in Ohio

“My 18-year-old son has autism and he thrives on routine. When COVID hit and everything changed, he struggled with his mental health and needed constant supervision and care. And when his school went remote, the FMLA enabled me to take eight weeks of leave to care for him. Knowing my job was protected during that difficult time was crucial. Still, I struggled to buy groceries, pay my electric bill and pay for my mom’s medications because my leave was entirely unpaid. While the FMLA is an essential foundation, I hope our elected leaders take the next step by putting a national paid leave program in place for all working people.”
– Donna Price, Cleveland, Ohio

Donna in Ohio
Christina in Colorado

Christina in Colorado

“When I gave birth, the FMLA enabled me to take 12 weeks of leave from my job. That was essential because it gave me time to recover and bond with my baby. Recovery was difficult, but by the time I returned to work, I was ready because I had the opportunity to rest. My husband also took four weeks of leave from his job, which gave him time to be home with our son during an important time in his development.

Unfortunately, my mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was pregnant and she was given a prognosis of 6-9 months. Since I had FMLA leave after giving birth, I was able to visit her four times while she was sick and grieve her loss when she ultimately died when my son was 11 weeks old.

FMLA gave us peace of mind, time to adjust to becoming parents and an opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one. All workers deserve time to be there for their familities, in times of joy and sorrow, without risking their livelihoods.”
– Christina Townsend, Denver, Colorado

Tracy and Jerron in Florida

When her son, Jerron, got seriously ill in January 2022, Tracy knew he needed to rest – but convincing his employer as his FMLA leave progressed was another matter.

“My son was fighting for his life and his employer wouldn’t believe him. My son did nothing wrong; he was simply sick and couldn’t go to work.”

While Jerron was taking time off work to deal with his illness, his employer fired him. Jerron knew his leave was protected by the FMLA, so he contacted the Wage and Hour Division.

“I'm so grateful to have my job back. The FMLA investigation’s results took a lot of pressure and stress off my back. The investigator not only got my job back, but she also got back pay for me. The back wages helped me pay bills and keep food on the table. She helped me get back on my feet while still dealing with my health issues. The Wage and Hour Division was the answer to my prayer.”
– Jerron Brown, West Palm Beach, Florida

Tracy and Jerron in Florida

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