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Agricultural establishments with 11 or more hand laborers in the field on any given day must:

  • Provide potable drinking water to workers in the field
  • Provide toilets and handwashing facilities when workers perform field work for more than 3 hours in a day (including transportation time to and from the field)
  • Provide reasonable opportunities throughout the day to use these facilities
  • Maintain facilities in accordance with public health standards
  • Provide all facilities at no cost to workers
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What happens when field sanitation facilities are not provided?

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What do I need to provide to comply with the OSHA Field Sanitation Standard?

  • At least one toilet facility and one handwashing facility must be provided for every 20 workers. For example, 21 workers require two toilet facilities and two handwashing facilities.
  • Doors of toilet facilities must be self-closing, able to be locked from the inside, and provide privacy.
  • The toilet facility must be reasonably close to the handwashing facility. Both must generally be within a ¼ mile walk of the worker’s place of work in the field.
  • Toilet facilities must be operational and sanitary.
  • Handwashing facilities must have soap, potable water, and single-use towels.
  • Cool drinking water must be placed in locations readily accessible to all employees.
  • Drinking containers must be covered and regularly cleaned.
  • There must be enough drinking water for the workers.
  • Water must be dispensed in single-use cups or fountains. The use of common drinking cups or dippers is prohibited.
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Is there anything else I must do to comply with the field sanitation standard?

  • Notify each worker of the location of the sanitation facilities and water
  • Allow workers reasonable opportunities to use the facilities
  • Inform workers to:
    • Use the water and facilities
    • Drink water frequently and especially on hot days
    • Urinate as frequently as necessary
    • Wash hands both before and after using the toilet
    • Wash hands before eating and smoking
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