• Learn About Military Spouse Interstate License Recognition Options

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    Explore the status of legislation and policies addressing 10 key issues important to service members and military families across the nation including occupational licensing compacts for military spouses.

    Explore the Status of Legislation and Policies

  • Relocating to a Different State

    If you plan to reside or relocate in a different state and your career requires licensing, visit the Department of Defense’s Enhanced Military Spouse Licensure Portability to find out your state's license recognition options.
    Enhanced Military Spouse Licensure Portability (DoD)

  • Occupation Specific Information and Guidance

    The Department of Defense’s MilitaryOneSource offers occupation-specific information and guidance on transferring your license.
    Occupation Specific Information and Guidance

  • State Specific Information

    Viisit the CareerOneStop License Finder to provide state-specific information about occupational license requirements, such as license names, descriptions of occupations, and issuing agency contact information.
    CareerOneStop License Finder

Licenses are State Specific

Remember that career licenses are state-specific, not nationwide. Each state has its licensing requirements for specific careers. It is important to understand the licensing requirements within your state where you plan to reside or relocate in order to get your license established.

License Reciprocity

Some states offer license reciprocity. This means if you already hold an active license in one state, you can apply for a license in the new state without taking all the state-required pre-licensing courses. Keep in mind that these reciprocal agreements vary from state to state. Some have reciprocal agreements with all other states, while others may have agreements with only one or two neighboring states.

Licensing Board Support

If the licensing board needs to offer clear information on their website about transferring your license, you should reach out to the licensing board for clarification. When you reach out to a licensing board representative, be sure to disclose that you are a military spouse so that they can direct you to any accommodations that may be available for military spouse.

Also, ask the licensing board about what support they can offer to military spouses that want to practice their profession in the new state. Support from the licensing board can range from issuing a temporary license; recognizing your license from another state; expediting the application review process; and/or fee waivers.

Reimbursing Licensing Costs

Lastly, if you happen to move from one state to another due to change-of-station orders, you may be eligible for reimbursement of licensing costs up to $1,000.

For more information about the military spouse licensing reimbursement program under its respective military branch: