transition assistance program logoEvery year, approximately 200,000 men and women leave U.S. military service and return to life as civilians, a process known as the military to civilian transition.

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information, tools, and training to ensure service members and their spouses are prepared for the next step in civilian life.

TAP, provided under 10 U.S.C. 1144, is a cooperative effort among the Department of Labor, and the Departments of Defense, Education, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs, the Small Business Administration and the Office of Personnel Management.

VETS administers a one-day employment preparation workshop that is mandatory for all transitioning service members and two optional two-day workshops for career exploration, technical career preparation, or general employment preparation.

  • Employment Navigator and Partnership Pilot

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    VETS has launched the Employment Navigator and Partnership Pilot (ENPP) at pilot sites worldwide. Employment Navigators (EN) are available at these sites to provide one-on-one employment assistance with transitioning service members (TSM), and their spouses, outside of the formal TAP classroom instruction.

TAP Online Curriculum

This TAP online curriculum is designed to provide service members who are unable to attend the TAP in-person, due to military necessity, with the ability to fulfill their TAP obligations. The online TAP curriculum is available to veterans and spouses of service members through the Transition Online Learning (TOL) system.

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TAP Training Resources

Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (EFCT)

Designed to lay the foundation of the transition from military to civilian life, the one-day workshop provides an introduction to the essential tools and resources needed to evaluate career options, gain information for civilian employment and understand the fundamentals of the employment process.

EFCT Participant Guide (PDF) | EFCT Presentation (PDF)

Wounded Warrior and Caregiver (WWC EFCT)

The Wounded Warrior and Caregiver Fundamentals course is a blended learning delivery of the online Employment Fundamentals of Career Transitions (EFCT) followed by instructor-led virtual sessions designed to meet the needs of transitioning service members who may be wounded, ill and/or injured. Caregivers can also benefit from this course. You can register for the eLearning modules of WWC EFCT below. You can also register for the instructor-led virtual Discussion and Activity Sessions (DAS) that correspond to each module through the link below.

WWC EFCT Registration | DAS Registration

Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW)

A comprehensive two-day workshop that covers emerging best practices in career employment, including in-depth training to learn interviewing skills, building effective resumes, and using technology to network and search for employment.

DOLEW Participant Guide (PDF) | DOLEW Presentation (PDF)

Career and Credential Exploration (C2E)

A track that offers a unique opportunity for participants to complete a personalized career development assessment of occupational interest and ability.  Participants will also be guided through a variety of career considerations including labor market projections, education, apprenticeships, certifications, and licensure requirements.
Also known as: Vocational Training Track (DOLVT)

C2E Participant Guide (PDF) | C2E Presentation (PDF)