Jobs for Veterans State Grants (JVSG) Resources

VETS logoVETS offers technical assistance for JVSG program operators through this selection of desk aids and other resources. Note that the resources below should not be considered policy. All VETS guidance is listed on the Active Policy Directory

Cybersecurity Tips for DOL Grant Recipients

Be Cyber Aware! Safeguard your grant information using the tips in this one-pager that the Department of Labor developed for all grant recipients.
DOL Grantee Cybersecurity Tips (PDF)

Grant Closeout Frequently Asked Questions

The Uniform Guidance found at 2 C.F.R. Part 200 requires federal awarding agencies to close out each grant. But what does that mean, and what are the grant recipients’ closeout obligations? This FAQ addresses those questions and many more.
Closeout FAQs (PDF)

Cash vs. Accrual Desk Aid

VETS requires JVSG recipients to report on the accrual basis of accounting, but why, and how is that different from reporting on the cash basis? This short desk aid provides an overview and side-by-side comparison as well as links to a few carefully curated in-depth resources. 
Cash vs. Accrual Desk Aid (PDF)

Stevens Amendment Desk Aid 

All federal grant recipients must follow the so-called Stevens Amendment, but there are surprisingly few explanations available. This Q&A-style desk aid clarifies the expectations and includes JVSG-specific examples of compliant disclosure statements to help states understand how to notify the public about their program’s funding sources.  
Stevens Amendment Desk Aid (PDF)

JVSG COVID-19 Questions and Answers for State Workforce Staff 

In Fiscal Year 2020, a public health emergency changed the way most states served their jobseeking veteran populations. Although those changes were mostly temporary, this resource still serves as a reminder of the flexibilities that are available to JVSG recipients.  
JVSG COVID-19 Questions and Answers for State Workforce Staff, dated May 12, 2020 (PDF)

National Veterans’ Training Institute

VETS funds the National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) that is administered by Management Concepts to meet statutory requirements to provide mandatory training to JVSG-funded staff. NVTI provides specialized training and professional skills enhancement for veteran service providers. NVTI is committed to ensuring that those who are tasked with the critical responsibility of helping veterans secure long-term employment have the knowledge and tools to perform their jobs effectively. 

NVTI also offers additional resources and training opportunities to JVSG staff with on-demand learning in the form of podcasts, webinars, microlearnings and a categorized resource page.

Find a listing of course descriptions and schedules on their website. 
National Veterans’ Training Institute, a DOL-VETS Program (