6I00 Notifying the Contractor of the On-Site Investigation

When the Investigative Plan is complete, the CO should arrange with the contractor for the on-site investigation. Generally, the on-site investigation should, at a minimum, consist of a lead CO and another CO to assist in fact finding. The CO should telephone the contractor and speak with the individual who will represent the contractor during the on-site investigation. The CO should advise the representative that:

  • An entrance conference with the facility’s senior officer or designee will take place in order for the CO to outline the investigative process, to explain what will be done on-site and to estimate how many days the on-site investigation may take;
  • Identified records should be available for review and should be as specific as possible; and
  • Management employees, by name and position or title, should be made available for interviews.

The CO should establish a mutually agreeable date for beginning the on-site investigation. A letter confirming the on-site investigation date or dates must be sent.340

340. See Letter L-16 – Confirmation of Onsite Investigation.